"Distance learning students are committed to their coursework, usually for the purpose of advancing in their careers. For this reason, you can expect quality work and diligent participation from students."

—Academic Technology Center, Worcester Polytechnic University

For More Information Contact

FCS:  Mrs. Walz (instructor from Callaway)

Spanish I and II:  Sue Phelps (instructor from Callaway) or Norna Scott (monitor in Arnold)

English:  Debby Moninger (instructor from Arnold)

Anatomy/Physiology: Amber McKay (instructor from Shelton, NE)


Distance Education

Arnold has three mobile distance carts that can be utilized by any classroom for virtual field trips, skyping with others from across the globe, taking additional elective classes, etc. The opportunities are only limited by the imagination!

Our Distance Learning Schedule:

1st Hour:  receive an Family and Consumer Science Class from Callaway
1st Hour:  receive a Spanish I Class from Callaway

2nd Hour:  send a College English Class to Callaway, Maxwell, Wallace, and Sutherland

4th Hour:  receive an Anatomy Class

7th Hour:  receive a Spanish II Class from Callaway