District Play Production Schedule Time Changes

District Play Production Informational Items:

Welcome to Ansley High School and the 2015 D2-4 District Play Production Contest. Due to the weather, the first play will begin at 10:00 a.m. (registration prior) and there will be a 45-minute block of time for each play production and their critiquing time. I have included the competition schedule.

The following is just a list of informational items for the day.

1. Please check in when you arrive (right inside front doors, on the west side of the school).

2. We will be unloading and loading out of the south end of the South Gym. We would ask that you do not move anything in during a production. We will be setting aside room in the gym for you to bring in the properties early and have them ready for your performance. Properties being moved onto the stage will need to come from the stage left area. Those properties being taken off the stage will need to go out on the stage right side. All properties will be moved on and off from the front of the stage. Students will be available for assistance, please ask.

3. The high school locker rooms are gender specific and will be used for dressing purposes only. A separate make-up area will be set up outside the locker rooms/band room.

4. Critiquing will take place in the Board Room (No. 100), just outside the North doors of the performance gym.

5. There will be a concession stand available throughout the day in the commons area. They will be serving pretzels, dirty nachos, chili soup, hotdogs, candy, and homemade goodies. We have scheduled a lunch break from 1:00-1:30.

6. A hospitality room will be available for Directors, Bus Drivers, and Judges in the teachers’ workroom, (No. 101).

7. Buses will be asked to park in the parking lot on the hill on the south side of the school. Not in the lower parking areas (student parking area)

8. School will be session during the day; therefore, we ask students to please stay in the gym or concession area when they are not performing and please have a sponsor must be with students at all times.


DECEMBER 1, 2015

10:00-10:30 1st Performance

10:45-11:15 2nd Performance

11:30-12:00 3rd Performance

12:15-12:45 4th Performance

1:00-1:30 Lunch Break

1:45-2:15 5th Performance

2:30-3:00 6th Performance

3:15-3:45 7th Performance

4:00-4:30 8th Performance:  ARNOLD

5:15?? Awards Presentation in High School Gym

February 25, 2021

Upcoming Activities

Activities for the week of February 15th:

  • Monday- No School, No Activities 
  • Tuesday- Girls Subdistrict Basketball vs Hi-Line @ Callaway- 5:30PM- No Pass List, but must leave after our game to make room for the next game. Masks Required
  • Wednesday- JH BB @ Sargent- 1:00PM- Boys followed by girls. No Pass List, Masks Required.
  • Wednesday- State Wrestling @ Omaha- 5:00PM
  • Thursday- State Wrestling @ Omaha- 1:00PM
  • Thursday- Girls Subdistrict Final @ Callaway- 6:30PM
  • Friday- JV/Varsity Boys BB vs SEM @ Callaway- 5:00PM (Time Change)- 2 quarters JV, followed by Varsity
  • Saturday- MNAC Speech @ Callaway- 9:00AM- No Pass List, Masks Required

Please note that we will distribute information regarding attendance guidelines and procedures. These guidelines will vary by location and activity. 

Activities Calendar at A Glance