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October 20, 2021

Duct Tape Challenge Update

Students are starting to get into a routine because the AR points are climbing. Mr. McIntosh may still be feeling pretty safe, but we'll see. The goal this year is 3,500 points and students are at 665 points as a school.

Although class sizes and the length of books vary, many classes set their own goals as well as the school-wide goal so here is a breakdown of points earned by class:

K - 71 points
1st - 23 points
2nd - 13 points
3rd - 55 points
4th - 41 points
5th - 4 points
6th - 118 points
7th - 106 points
8th - 25 points
9th - 47 points
10th - 42 points
11th - 113 points
12th - 7 points

It will be exciting to see how colorful Mr. McIntosh is with the various duct tape if students end up reaching their school-wide goal. Happy reading!!

Diviners Cast List Chosen

Congratulations to the cast of The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr.


CC Showers – Colbi Smith

Basil Bennett – Trey Connell

Melvin Wilder – Rio Remund

Dewey Maples – Logan Recoy

Goldie Short – Delaney Rogers

Ferris Layman – Lance Jones

Buddy Layman – Reagan Cool

Jennie Mae Layman – Ella Cool

Norma Henshaw – Gracie Neth

Eugene Brown – Johnathon Lamphear

Luella  Bennett – Riata Remund

Well Diggers/Townspeople/Church Goers:

Ruth Davis – Harmony Borah

Doris Williams – Samantha Wonch

Shirley Smith – Danah Baldwin

Darlene Henshaw – Anna Tullis

Beverly Thomas – Taylor Hanna-Miles

Raymond Lee – Jamie Tickle

Early White – Ethan Furne

Rose Anderson – Ivy Tullis


Jayden Hanna-Miles, Silas Cool, Clay Witthuhn, Dolores Duponcheel, Ashlea Baldwin, and Kylee Allen.

Upcoming Activities

Activities for the week of October 11th:

  • Monday-JH VB vs Brady @ Callaway- 3:30PM
  • Monday- JH FB vs Brady @ Callaway- 4:30PM
  • Tuesday- Picture Retakes- Beginning of the Day
  • Thursday-  MNAC VB @ Callaway- 3:00PM- SLB Plays Game 3 at Approximately 5:30PM
  • Thursday- District Cross Country @ Cambridge- 4:00PM
  • Friday- HS FB @ Sargent- 7:00PM
  • Friday- End of 1st Quarter
  • Saturday- MNAC VB @ NPCC- TBA

Activities Calendar at A Glance