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1st Place Local Bee:

Ethan Furne

Classroom Winners:

4th Grade:  Ryker Atkins 

5th Grade:  Rae Hagler

6th Grade: Elijah Cool 

7th Grade: Jami Lamphear

8th Grade in tie for first place:

 Ella Cool and Riata Remund.

1st Place Local Bee:

William Moninger

Classroom Winners:

4th. Callan Witthuhn

5th. Elijah Cool

6th. Serenity Borah

7th. Ella Cool

8th.  Gracie Neth

1st Place Local Bee:  Ariana Anderson

Custer County Champion:  Gracie Neth

Classroom Winners:
4th Grade:  Josie Christensen 

5th Grade:  Brook Bierman,

6th Grade:  Ella Cool,

7th Grade:  Gracie Neth

8th Grade:  Ariana Anderson

2018 Results2017 Results2016 Results
1st Place Local Bee:  Ella Cool
2nd Place:  Reagan Cool8th Grade: Colbi Smith
7th Grade:  Lance Jones
6th Grade:  Gracie Neth
5th Grade:  Ella Cool
4th Grade:  Jamison Lamphear
2nd Place:

1st Place Local Bee: Gracie Neth
2nd Place: Anthony Olson

8th grade:  Max Werner

7th grade:  Landyn Cole

6th grade:  Colbi Smith

5th grade:  Silas Cool

4th grade:  Gracie Neth

3rd grade:  Ella Cool

2nd grade Oral Spelling Bee:

First: Josiah Coleman

Written First Place: Josiah Coleman

1st grade Oral: Walter Bierman

Written 1st…Elijah Cool

Kindergarten 1st place: Anna Coleman

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2nd place:

Students who attended the Broken Bow Meet are in italics.  Alternates are:

8th grade:
1st place: Tatum Cool
2nd place (tie): Cole Gracey
2nd place (tie): Jarret Buchholz
4th place: Logan Coleman

7th grade:
1st place: Jace Connell
2nd place: Anthony Olson

6th grade:
1st place: Jadeyn Bubak
2nd place: Landyn Cole
3rd place: Sam Cool
4th place: Drew Vickers

5th grade:
1st place: Reagan Cool
2nd place: Colbi Smith
3rd place (tie): – Faith Bierman
3rd place (tie): Stella Lewis

4th grade:
Silas Cool
Johnathon Lamphear
Chester Oberg

3rd grade:
Gracie Neth 1st
Grace Bierman 2nd
Arena Fetty 3rd
Bryn Schwarz 4th

2nd grade:
Oral Spelling Bee:
First: Stokely Lewis
Second: Ella Cool

First: Ella Cool
Second: Stokely Lewis
Third: Ethan Furne

1st grade:
1st…Josiah Coleman
2nd…Paxton Bierman
3rd…Eli Hunt

1st…Josiah Coleman
2nd…Hayden Myers
3rd…Jamison Lamphear

Kindergarten Oral Winners:

1st-Sofie, 2nd-Josie C., 3rd-Jade

Kindergarten Written Winners:

1st-Josie C., Tie for 2nd-Walter and Sofie


Champion:  Jadeyn Bubak

2nd Place tie:  Landyn Cole and Jasmine Nelson

Students who attended the Broken Bow Spelling Meet are in italics.  Logan Coleman and Brenden Rivers were the alternates in the event that any of the first 8 are unable to attend.

8th Grade:

Jasmine Nelson, Ashton Weinman, Savanah Weinman

7th Grade:

Landon Furne, Brenden Rivers

6th Grade:

Lydia Connell, Logan Coleman, Tatum Cool, Cole Gracey

Fifth Grade:

Jaelynn Hemphill, Anthony Olson, Jace Connell, Dylan Nelson

4th Grade:

Jadeyn Bubak, Landyn Cole, Sam Cool, Colby Streit

3rd Grade:

Colbi Smith, 2nd place tie:  Bailey Hemphill, Paige Hoelting, 3rd Place Tie:  Raylee Downing, Reagan Cool

2nd Grade:

Written: Silas Cool, Tyler McFadden

Oral:  Silas Cool, Chet Oberg

1st Grade:

Written:  Alex Hoyt, Payton Hemphill, Chali Vickers

Oral:  Alex Hoyt Cache Gracey, Brendan Streit


Written:  Ella Cool, Riata Remund

Oral:  Ella Cool, Jamie Tickle

 2012 Results 2011 Results 

Champion: Lydia Connell

2nd Place: Morgan Eggleston

Students who attended the Broken Bow Spelling Meet are in italics. Logan Coleman and Brenden Rivers were the alternates in the event that any of the first 8 are unable to attend.

8th Grade:

Tristan Johnson, Morgan Eggleston, Brandon Moninger, Olivia Furne

7th Grade:

Jasmine Nelson, Ashton Weinman

6th Grade:

Avery Atkins, Madison, 3-way tie:  Blake Schwarz, Brenden Rivers, Cade Connell

5th Grade:

Lydia Connell, Tatum Cool, Leighton Bubak, Cole Gracey

4th Grade:

Jace Connell, Anthony Olson, Dylan Nelson, Laykin Wilkins

3rd Grade:

Sam Cool, Colby Streit, Landyn Cole, Jadeyn Bubak

2nd Grade Oral:

Regan Cool, RayLee Downing

2nd Grade Written:

Colbi Smith, Tie:  Paige Hoelting and RayLee Downing

1st Grade:

Silas Cool, Devin Peterson

Kindergarten Written:

Charli Vickers, Cache Gracey, Alex Hoyt, Grace Bierman

Kindergarten Oral Test:

Grace Bierman, Charli Vickers, Alex Hoyt, Cache Gracey

Champion: Morgan Eggleston

2nd Place: Lydia Connell

Students who attended the Broken Bow Spelling Meet are in italics.

8th Grade:

Grace Magill

7th Grade:

Morgan Eggleston

6th Grade:

Jasmine Nelson

5th Grade:

Avery Atkins

4th Grade:

Lydia Connell

3rd Grade:

Anthony Olson, Jace Connell, Dylan Nelson

2nd Grade:

Tie for first: Landyn Cole and Jadeyn Bubak, Sam Cool, Colby Streit

1st Grade:

Colbi Smith, Shayla Tickle, Tie:  Stella Lewis, Reagan Cool


Silas Cool, Devin Peterson, Chester Oberg

June 27, 2022

Duct Tape Challenge Update

Students are starting to get into a routine because the AR points are climbing. Mr. McIntosh may still be feeling pretty safe, but we'll see. The goal this year is 3,500 points and students are at 665 points as a school.

Although class sizes and the length of books vary, many classes set their own goals as well as the school-wide goal so here is a breakdown of points earned by class:

K - 71 points
1st - 23 points
2nd - 13 points
3rd - 55 points
4th - 41 points
5th - 4 points
6th - 118 points
7th - 106 points
8th - 25 points
9th - 47 points
10th - 42 points
11th - 113 points
12th - 7 points

It will be exciting to see how colorful Mr. McIntosh is with the various duct tape if students end up reaching their school-wide goal. Happy reading!!

Diviners Cast List Chosen

Congratulations to the cast of The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr.


CC Showers – Colbi Smith

Basil Bennett – Trey Connell

Melvin Wilder – Rio Remund

Dewey Maples – Logan Recoy

Goldie Short – Delaney Rogers

Ferris Layman – Lance Jones

Buddy Layman – Reagan Cool

Jennie Mae Layman – Ella Cool

Norma Henshaw – Gracie Neth

Eugene Brown – Johnathon Lamphear

Luella  Bennett – Riata Remund

Well Diggers/Townspeople/Church Goers:

Ruth Davis – Harmony Borah

Doris Williams – Samantha Wonch

Shirley Smith – Danah Baldwin

Darlene Henshaw – Anna Tullis

Beverly Thomas – Taylor Hanna-Miles

Raymond Lee – Jamie Tickle

Early White – Ethan Furne

Rose Anderson – Ivy Tullis


Jayden Hanna-Miles, Silas Cool, Clay Witthuhn, Dolores Duponcheel, Ashlea Baldwin, and Kylee Allen.

Upcoming Activities

Activities for the week of May 2nd:

  • Monday- HS Girls BB Meeting at lunch
  • Monday- 6-12 Spring Concert- 7:00PM
  • Tuesday- 6-10 Maps Testing- Morning
  • Tuesday- Best of the Midwest Track Meet @ Sutherland- 3:00PM
  • Wednesday- JH Track @ Gothenburg- 9:30AM
  • Thursday- 7-10 Maps Testing- Morning
  • Thursday- 5th & 6th Grade Fort Kearney Field Trip
  • Thursday- HS Golf @ St. Pat’s- 9:00AM
  • Friday- HS Track @ Arnold- 9:30AM
  • Friday- South Loup Sports Banquet @ Arnold- 6:00PM

Activities Calendar at A Glance