Magic Tricks in Reading Totals

There was another impressive gain this week, especially in some of the younger grades. I am especially excited to say that a record number of elementary students earned magic tricks…11 different students passed the next 10 points (some the first magic trick, others already have some). I can’t wait to see some of the tricks after you’ve mastered them. I will hand out the magic tricks in library time this week. Good job!

Arnold students have earned 1689 points on their AR goal so far this year (a little over 400 points in just a week). Awesome when considering the challenges they’ve faced. Although classes may be of different sizes and at different points in reading their books, here is a breakdown by class in case you have any classroom goals:

K: 141 books logged…monthly log so will change in the next week
1st Grade: 77.6 points
2nd Grade: 129.7 points
3rd Grade: 79.7 points
4th Grade: 67.5 points
5th Grade: 217.6 points
6th Grade: 342.1 points
7th Grade: 143.1 points
8th Grade: 357.4 points
9th Grade: 85 points
10th Grade: 0 points
11th Grade: 81 points
12th Grade: 39 points

Good job! Keep reading so we can see the magic unfold. Although students have met Mr. McIntosh’s challenge, Mr. Morgan may be safe…unless some of the high school classes have tricks up their sleeves. :-)

April 19, 2021

Upcoming Activities

Activities for the week of April 19th:

  • Tuesday- NSCAS Testing- 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades
  • Tuesday- Cross Country Meeting during lunch 
  • Wednesday- NSCAS Testing- 4th Grade
  • Wednesday- JH Track @ Sutherland- 10:00AM
  • Wednesday- Senior Tea- 2:00PM
  • Wednesday- 2:40PM Dismissal- Teacher Inservice
  • Thursday- NSCAS Testing- 8th Grade
  • Thursday- Golf @ Thedford- 10:00AM
  • Friday- District Music Contest @ North Platte
  • Saturday- HS Track @ Hershey- 10:00AM

Activities Calendar at A Glance