Magical Reading Challenge

It is definitely obvious how crazy the summer was when we look at the reading so far this year. Summer AR usually helps give us a start of the year boost on our 1st quarter reading challenge, but it was much lower than usual. It may take a lot of MAGIC to reach our goal this year, but a major step of achieving any goal is monitoring progress so here goes…

Arnold students have earned 595 points on their AR goal so far this year. Awesome when considering the challenges they’ve faced. Although classes may be of different sizes and at different points in reading their books, here is a breakdown by class in case you have any classroom goals:

K: (do reading logs and will submit at the end of the month)
1st Grade: 16 points
2nd Grade: 32 points
3rd Grade: 2 points
4th Grade: 9 points
5th Grade: 49 points
6th Grade: 210 points
7th Grade: 45 points
8th Grade: 210 points
9th Grade: 15 points
10th Grade: 0 points
11th Grade: 0 points
12th Grade: 6 points

Mr. McIntosh should probably start worrying about whether he will survive a magician in one piece; however, Mr. Morgan may be feeling pretty safe. He probably feels like he deserves a break after last year’s eat it or wear it experience. However, I still feel confident that APS students can create some reading magic so he can add being a magician’s assistant to his resumé.

January 27, 2021

Upcoming Activities

Activities for the week of January 18th:

  • Monday- JH BB @ Ansley- 1:00PM-A Girls & B Boys at the same time, followed by B Girls & A Boys at the same time. Masks Required.
  • Tuesday- JV/Varsity BB vs Arcadia/Loup City @ Arnold- 4:00PM- JV Girls, followed by Varsity. NO JV BOYS. Masks Required- Attendance Restricted to Pass List
  • Wednesday- Spelling Bee- 2:00PM- No Public Attendance- Will be steamed
  • Thursday- JV/Varsity BB vs Ansley-Litchfield @ Arnold- 4:00PM- JV Girls, followed by Varsity. NO JV BOYS. Masks Required- Attendance Restricted to Pass List
  • Friday- Wrestling @ Callaway- 11:00AM- Masks Required- Attendance Restricted to Pass List

Please note that we will distribute information regarding attendance guidelines and procedures. These guidelines will vary by location and activity. 

Activities Calendar at A Glance